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the future.

Brick by brick

Just as a building takes shape step by step, the workforce for large-scale construction projects in Belgium must be trained and prepped. Finding qualified and motivated personnel is one of the challenges for large Belgian contractors.


On the other hand, new recruits are out there waiting to be trained in useful and exciting professions that fit the needs of the field. ConstruLab helps the key players in the construction industry get to know each other to increase competitiveness in this sector.


Ready to support the future of construction in Belgium with ConstruLab?


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The Association of Belgian Large-Scale Contractors, ADEB-BVA, represents and conveys the message of the major construction companies in Belgium. This major player in the construction industry responds to the need for skilled labour and personnel faced by its members: the Belgian large-scale works contractors who design and build the infrastructures of tomorrow.

ConstruLab is an initiative by ADEB-VBA created with the aim of training qualified employees for smoother recruitment at construction companies in Belgium.

The transfer of the skills and experience of the leaders in the construction industry is accompanied by an openness towards the future and the latest innovative technologies for increasingly efficient buildings.

How does ConstruLab help construction companies in Belgium?

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How can ConstruLab help individuals and companies?

ConstruLab's mission is twofold: 

  • we provide large construction companies in Belgium with the necessary manpower to build the projects of the future in line with their criteria;

  • we train tomorrow's employees; people who wish to pursue a fulfilling and progressive career in one of Belgium's most dynamic business sectors.

Trusting an organisation like ConstruLab means you benefit from the knowledge of a construction industry key player with an accurate vision of the reality in the field.

We offer effective and sustainable solutions to your training and recruitment needs.

ConstruLab is part of a dynamic network of construction actors specialised in employment, training, and professional job seeking. Our role is to put people in touch with each other after having trained them for a company’s specific requirements.

ConstruLab's partners can get to know each other better by finding sustainable and efficient solutions to the shortage of skilled labour. In addition, job seekers in the Belgian construction sector get free training that meets the needs of the field so they can find a job upon completion of the course.

Invest in human capital that is ready to work in the construction industry. We meet your specific needs quickly and efficiently. Contact us now.

What is the advantage of ConstruLab?

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