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Construlab as a recruitment channel

ConstruLab, the training center of ADEB-VBA, is committed to innovation in the construction sector. Through a carefully designed program that integrates technical skills and professional development, ConstruLab aims to offer a unique approach to attracting new employees.

Why choose ConstruLab?

  • Targeted Training: Our participants receive thorough training focused on the essential skills and knowledge crucial for success in the construction industry.

  • Practice-Oriented Assessment: At ConstruLab, the evaluation is not limited to theoretical knowledge. We actively monitor the progress and attitude of the participants, assessing their ability to work in a team.

  • Continuous Follow-Up: Our meticulous follow-up supports the participants in their development and also serves as a continuous assessment tool.

By combining intensive training and personal follow-up, ConstruLab creates a flow of not only well-trained but also suitable candidates for the construction sector. This results in a more efficient and effective recruitment process, focused on candidates who not only have the required skills but also the mindset to work in this demanding industry.


Discover ConstruLab

Interested in this new recruitment channel to hire qualified candidates ready for the challenges of the construction sector? Learn more about our unique training program and how it can transform your business.

How does it work? From talent search to recruitment

At ConstruLab we are fully committed to finding the most suitable candidates for your company. Here's an overview of how we work.

1. Search for candidates

Our team specializes in identifying potential talent that fits the diverse needs within the construction industry. We use a wide range of channels and strategies to ensure we have access to a diverse talent pool.

2. Training

Once we have identified potential candidates, we offer them specialized training. These courses are designed to strengthen the skills and knowledge of candidates so that they are fully prepared for the challenges within your company.


After the training phase, candidates undergo a thorough assessment. This assessment allows us to accurately evaluate their competencies and skills, which is essential for finding the perfect match between candidate and company.

4. Recruitment

Once we have identified the most suitable candidates, companies can recruit them directly through us, ConstruLab. We also offer the option to run this process via Randstad. Our goal is to make the recruitment process as smooth and efficient as possible.

At ConstruLab, we are committed to supporting the growth and success of both our members and the talent we train. We hope this overview gives you a clear idea of our process and the value we add. For more information or specific questions, we are always ready to help you.

More Than Learning

Our More Than Learning services offer companies turnkey solutions to develop their business in construction: recruiting, integrating new employees and training their teams. Discover how ConstruLab supports the construction industry in Belgium.

Construction Worker


ConstruLab is actively looking for qualified and motivated candidates who can start in your company after a short training period. Our goal is to help you save time by putting you in touch with the best profiles. You tell us your requirements and search criteria and we will find the right candidate for you.

In consultation with our specialist construction recruiter, we do everything possible to guide your new employee through the process of starting their new post. The faster an employee settles in, the greater their satisfaction levels and well-being at work. You will reduce the turnover in your teams and improve your company’s productivity.

We look after the on-boarding process to save you time and optimise the integration of a new employee into your team. You prefer to recruit internally, but your employees need training? We train your employees so they can develop in their careers and save you valuable time.

Construction Workers


Are you hiring a new employee, but don't have enough time to train them yourself? Do you think they have real potential, but a few shortcomings could hinder their rapid integration into your existing teams?

At ConstruLab, we research to what extent we can assist you with basic training to ensure that your employees have the latest knowledge available in the fields that are essential to the construction sector.

The construction industry is changing fast. Knowing the best practices and the current requirements helps to make your employees the best in their field.

Safety measures, teamwork, being able to read plans, etc. All our training courses are designed to meet the requirements of the construction sector and complement your own in-house training.

Construction Workers


Would you like to offer your employees further training for career development and to increase their skills? Unfortunately, if you have proven expertise and know-how in construction, you usually lack the time or resources to train your employees.

Your employees can follow ConstruLab's training courses to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and perhaps progress towards a position more in line with their career plan at your company.

Register an employee on a ConstruLab training course. If you have further questions about arranging your own training courses or if you have suggestions for specific training topics, contact us to share your ideas.

Road Construction

Contact us

If you have a question or are interested in recruiting our participants, we will help you on your way.

ConstruLab is located in the Technologiestraat 17,

Sint-Agatha Berchem. Feel free to come and visit us: we are available every working day between 9 am and 3 pm.

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