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Construction Workers

The training centre for the builders of tomorrow



If you want to build the future with us, then you have come to the right place. The construction sector in Belgium is one of the most dynamic and lucrative. We're not just talking about building houses, but the buildings that make Belgium proud and famous such as bridges, offshore wind turbines, hospitals, schools, and roads will soon be part of your daily life if you join our training centre.

Admission Requirements for training at Construlab

At Construlab, we believe in equal opportunities and creating possibilities for all those who are motivated to enhance their careers. Therefore, we would like to outline the admission requirements for our training programs.

To participate in our training programs, candidates must possess a valid work permit in Belgium. No prior experience in the field is required; we welcome anyone with a passion for learning new skills and advancing.

Our training programs commence with an information session, during which candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of what our programs entail and the opportunities they offer. Following this session, candidates are free to decide whether they wish to enroll in the training.

Our training programs span a total of 20 days and are offered free of charge to all participants. Our aim is not only to impart skills but also to create opportunities. Upon completion of the training, we are pleased to introduce our participants to partner companies. If there is a match between the participants' skills and the companies' needs, they can start a new job immediately.

At Construlab, we strive to build a bridge between training and employment, thereby making a positive impact on the lives of our participants and the wider community. We encourage all those interested in participating in our training programs to contact us and take the first step towards a promising future.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to register for an information session.


We look forward to welcoming you to Construlab!

How does ConstruLab train its participants?

You've never touched a brick in your life and you're wondering how we're going to train you in a trade in 20 days?

ConstruLab is part of the ecosystem of ADEB-BVA , the Association of Belgian Large-Scale Contractors. It wanted to respond to a double problem in the construction sector: finding qualified and motivated workers and offering upcoming generations a fair vision of constructionOur training courses are structured in four stages for the perfect route into your profession where you will  :

  1. Discover your skills and values;

  2. Get trained in the basic techniques and advanced methods of your chosen profession;

  3. Get positions in the field for practical training;

  4. Get support with your career so that you can grow and develop in your profession.

Lay the first brick of your future yourself by joining our training centre!

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