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A major training and recruitment company in the construction sector. ConstruLab is a unique partner who knows your needs and requirements. Companies and future key players in the construction industry in Belgium trust the construction industry’s best training centre to turn their projects into a reality.


History of an essential creation

ConstruLab was created by the ADEB-BVA, the Association of Belgian Large-Scale Contractors. Its objective is to respond to a twofold problem in the construction sector: to find qualified and motivated workers and to offer the next generations a fair vision of construction.

To construct the buildings of tomorrow, skills, willingness and commitment must be united in the worker. The shortage of skilled labour in Belgium has a significant impact on the quality of services, the progress of projects and the image of the sector throughout Europe.

Belgian contractors for large-scale projects design the most efficient buildings to meet new regulations while complying with the requirements of their clients. ConstruLab’s mission is to ensure that a large-scale project does not come to a standstill due to a lack of qualified workers to bring it into being.

ConstruLab wants to build bridges between talent and the largest construction companies in Belgium. It also wants to get the best professionals in the field in touch with companies that have a clearly identified need.

ConstruLab is a training centre created to meet the expectations of both companies and skilled workers.

In our training centre, you will be perfectly prepped in a short time to become a craftsperson or a professional in the construction industry.

What are ConstruLab future ambitions?

Construction Workers

Why was ConstruLab created for you?

Future building workers dream of working in a large professional construction organisation. Unfortunately, they think they will never get there due to lack of skills. ConstruLab is there to help them.

Large construction contractors offer particularly interesting positions, but they cannot find the right person to fill them. Projects fall behind schedule due to a lack of qualified personnel. ConstruLab is there to help them.

On behalf of the largest market players in the construction sector, we train you to become an expert employee so that you can quickly find work on our various construction projects.

ConstruLab offers innovative, practical, and efficient training courses to cover identified needs. We respond to a real need in the field which guarantees you a qualified job at the end of the course.

Professionals with many years of experience help you to build your career plan step by step. You won’t be wasting any time and you’ll progress towards a career that fits a need.

In addition, we continue to support all of our students who have become employees with the aim of providing continuous education. By introducing the right candidate into the right organisation, we are convinced that their future and the future of the construction industry in Belgium is assured.

What makes ConstruLab trainings unique and indispensable?


We would love to meet you and get to know you better so we can see how best to lay the first brick of your future in construction. Contact us now, whatever your profile and experience.

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