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Formworker, assembler, ironworker or bricklayer are all trades that require specific skills and a perfect knowledge of the construction sector. ConstruLab, a training organisation in the construction industry, prepares you for the most sought-after professions in the Belgian construction industry.

Cutting Wood


Shaping construction

The formworker is an essential worker on a construction project. This professional is responsible for the manufacture, assembly, installation and dismantling of wooden structures for the formwork or moulds into which concrete will be poured.

Without the formworker, concrete could not be used on most construction projects.

Duration training: 20 days

Cost: Free*

Electric Saw


'The fixer'

The assembler works on the site using structural elements made in advance for the project.

They are the qualified professional who assembles all the individual parts into a complex and usable whole. Their role is decisive in the project’s successful completion in the smoothest way possible.

Duration training: 20 days

Cost: Free*

Construction Workers
Construction Site


(Wo)Man of steel

The ironworker is a skilled worker who is responsible for making and placing the metal reinforcements that will be covered in concrete.

On many sites, they cut, bend and weld metal rods or wires together. These will be placed in the formwork, and used as reinforcement to strengthen the concrete and make it durable.

Duration of training: 20 days

Cost: Free*

Woman with Safety Helmet


'The builder'

Based on existing plans, the bricklayer is a skilled worker who transforms bricks, stones, and blocks using mortar into buildings.

They also make various material mixes, especially cement mortar. The bricklayer not only builds the interior and exterior walls of buildings, but also makes the foundations. This is a key position on a building site.

Duration of training: 20 days

Cost: Free*



Our training courses are free of charge for each participant who wishes to fill a permanent position at one of our members’ companies after the training.

After passing a test and receiving a certificate demonstrating what you have learned at ConstruLab, we will look together for the company that best suits you and that will offer you a permanent and stable job.

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