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Construction Workers Shaking Hands

Your personal trajectory

Every training path at ConstruLab is unique, just like you. Together with our recruiters and coaches, we look at the strengths you already have and teach you the new construction techniques needed to learn a trade fulfilling today's expectations. In a safe environment, we help you develop your full potential and find your way.

How does it work?

As a participant, you have the opportunity to discover the world of major construction projects and find the construction trade that you like most.

A vital observation period

At the beginning of your career, we listen attentively to you so we can understand your vision of the sector and your values:

  • What are your views on safety measures? Do you think that a construction job can be dangerous?

  • Are you perceptive and responsive in finding a solution to problems that may arise on a construction site? Do you like each day's work to be unique?

  • Are you open-minded enough to adapt to every situation and to work harmoniously within an established team?

Learning the special techniques of a construction trade

With our expert construction coaches, you will learn the tricks of the trade.

From an introduction to basic techniques to the specifics of each profession, you will know exactly what your role is on a construction site and how to react in any situation.

Practical training on a building site

This stage is often our participants’ favourite: practical training on the job. Once you have mastered the techniques required for a construction trade, you will start working on one of our construction.

As the weeks go by, you will continue to be monitored by us to ensure that you are fully conversant with the techniques and practices of your profession. We are involved in your career to keep you motivated.

All our courses are free of charge if you commit to starting your career in one of our affiliated companies.

I want to discover construction with ConstruLab.

Cranes with buildings


I would like to discover construction together with ConstruLab.

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